Project Brief

As mentioned prior, I have created this website as part of a project which uses the the trust of strangers to see how far 15 beanie babies can travel in 3 weeks, starting in the heart of Toronto; Union Station. This project revolves around the concept of "chance," and so the challenge was to create a project based around a factor of randomness. In my case, I decided that my random factor would be the behaviour of strangers. Over the next 3 weeks I will ask that whoever finds these toys to help me chart their progress, and hope that they comply. Without the help of others, this project cannot exisit.

This Is Design?

As strange as it may seem; yes. The class that this project is for is largely concept based, and this particular project is no exception. Although the concept itself has little to do with design, the way it is presented does; this website is entirely coded by myself, and all graphics and pictures are my own as well, or sent to me by participants.

About Me

My name is McKenna Deighton, and I am a first year student of York and Sheridan's joint program in design, and I hope to become either a web developer or branding specialist in the future. In addition to my love for design, I am also an artist and photographer and you can check out my other work here.