Going into this project, I had several ideas, but in the end I chose Travelling Toys because it was greater than just me, and it truly was also a statement about other people. It relied not on a computer program, or other similar factors, but on the most unpredictable and inexplicable thing of all; human behavior. There’s no science, or often reason to it, making it the ultimate game of chance, which the entire project revolved around.

I used a website as a medium because, given the nature of the project, it provided some incentive to people to continue the process because of the interactive element of it. I also chose this because I thought there would be no better method to present and document the entire process.

I struggled most in this project with my lack of control. After naming and photographing each baby and spending days planning this project, it disappoints me that some of my babies went completely unaccounted for, but that is just a part of the chance I took with this project. I find it fascinating that I put out 15 beanie babies into the world, all with the same message and the same potential, yet some went on great adventures while others were completely abandoned. Although I wish all my babies had had a happy ending, I know that that’s something that I had to accept. There were success stories, and failure, but ultimately, even if only one were found, I’d have still considered this project a success.